Why having a niche will help your business


Having a business in web development, I’ve got a lot of competition to deal with. There are plenty of people out there designing and building websites. Back in the day when I started my web development journey I was very focussed on creating WordPress templates for fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers. This was my niche and my passion.

Somewhere along the way however my focus got blurry. I felt like in order to grow my business and portfolio I needed to take what I could get. Right around this time I also began to lose my passion for web development. Work got draining and it just wasn’t what it used to be. I was working on projects I just did not enjoy.

Fast forward a few years later and I came to realise that in order to be successful, you must be passionate, and in order to be passionate, you need to do things you truly love and enjoy. And that’s exactly where having a niche comes in play.

Not only is niching down your business a boost for your own passion and productivity, it’s also a wonderful thing for growing your business as well. Let’s take a look at why having a niche will help your business.

1. Having a niche will attract and capture your ideal customer

When you’re focussing on a niche you’ll be able to specifically target your ideal customer. You know the likes, dislikes, wants and needs. This makes it easier to capture your audience. You’re able to showcase your business in a way that meets their needs, which is a very powerful conversion method. Which leads me into the next point, having a niche will increase your expertise.

2. Having a niche will increase expertise

Since you’re targeting your services to meet the needs of a certain group of customers, you’re able to increase your expertise. Let’s say you’re building websites specifically for restaurants. Undoubtedly you’ll eventually know what works and what doesn’t for restaurant websites. You’re able to perfect your skill and build expert knowledge for creating websites for restaurants. In return, you’ll get lots of happy customers, because you know what works, you have created the perfect formula for creating those awesome restaurant websites!

3. Having a niche will narrow down competition

When someone is looking for help, they’ll want the best they can get for them to meet their goal. Let’s stick to the web developer theme here. Let’s assume the potential customer is Sarah, the owner of an Interior design business and is looking for a brand new website.

There’s option A. John. John is a web developer with some years experience and has done all kinds of projects along the way. He has build a website for a dog grooming business, a local café, a dental clinic and so on. He has delivered some amazing websites, for a variety of businesses.

Then there’s option B. Jane. Jane is a web developer who specializes in building websites for Interior designers. She’s build a portfolio of multiple clients from all over the world in the field of Interior design. She has focused her entire business on helping Interior designers grow their business through specialized web development.

Who do you think can best help Sarah meet her business and website goals? Of course she’ll go wholeheartedly for the web developer who’s specialized in Interior design!

But doesn’t this niching narrow down your potential clients? Well no. There’s probably hundreds of thousands of people in the world doing the exact same thing as you. The only way to get noticed is to speak to certain people. As a lovely quote by Meredith Hill goes:

“When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.”

– Meredith Hill