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Eva Soek

Hi there! I’m Eva, a web developer from Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

After writing my first lines of code at the young age of twelve, programming always stuck with me. It was something that I really enjoyed doing. Six years later, in 2012, I decided to study Software Engineering at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. In 2016 I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering.

During my study I started exploring web development and in my spare time I was mostly creating WordPress themes for fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers.

After graduating, I started my first full time job in web development, but merely 6 months later I decided wanted to pursue my entrepreneurial dream full time. Ever since then I’ve been developing websites full time.

When I’m not coding away behind my screen, you’ll find me watching all sorts of videos on YouTube, obsessing over interior design, organizing and cleaning up my living space.

Hi there!

Whether you already have a website and looking for something a little more special, or you’re just starting out on creating your own online space, I got you covered!

All websites I develop are made from scratch using WordPress, a custom responsive design, a user-friendly backend, and SEO optimized code. The possibilities of a custom-made website are endless. Together we’ll make sure your website seamlessly fits your branding and business, so all you’ll have to do is focus on your business and customers.

Having an impressive online presence will make a lasting impact on your potential customers. Good branding and design makes you stand out from the crowd and build reputation and professionalism.

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